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For the first time ever, sparkle any
liquids and infuse real ingredients into your drinks. No CO2 tank. No artificial syrups

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Sparkle Your Favorite Drinks

Made for sparkling water fans. Whatever drink you’re in the mood for, make it sparkle.



Water & Infusions

Wine & Mimosas


…and More!

…to the Perfect Amount

By Infusing Delicious, Fresh, and Healthy Ingredients…





…Get creative!

…Directly in the Bottle!

Spärkel is the only machine of its kind that allows you to put real, healthy ingredients directly in the bottle.

Customize Every Infusion

Whether you’re using wine, fruits, water or alcoholic products, each Spärkel Carbonator perfectly customizes one bottle, ensuring a perfect (and delicious!) experience every time without dilution.

Say Goodbye To Waste

Drastically reduce the number of bottles and cans you and your family are using. Help the environment and drink better while you’re doing it.

All Your Refills Auto-Shipped

No more in-store replacements or exchange programs when your tank is empty. Carbonator refills are just one click away whenever you’re ready.


Auto-Shipped Refills

Dishwasher Safe Bottles

Reduce Waste

Sparkled in 90 Seconds

9 Different Color Options