Made for sparkling water fans. Whatever drink you're in the mood for, make it sparkle

The Team Behind the Bubbles

Spärkel was conceptualized in Toronto in 2017 by Darren Hatherell a former tech executive who believe that a good life starts with good food.

A few years ago, Darren was excited to bring home a Sodastream for his family. He was looking forward to getting creative and cutting back on sugar. But he discovered that the device could only carbonate water, required a high pressure hazmat CO2 tank that needed to be kept in his family's kitchen and used synthesized chemicals for flavor.

Sparkel is Born

Darren decided to make something better. Something that didn't limit people to pre-packaged flavors or rely on a bulky tank. So they invented and patented a new way of sparkling. A way that adds the taste of real ingredients to bubbles without the use of a CO2 tank.

The first, early adopter version was called "Bonne O" - literally french for "good water". Over twenty thousand sparkling water lovers helped our team create Spärkel. Spärkel is truly made by and for sparkling water lovers.
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