welcome to a bubbly revolution

Our mission is simple: to offer the most innovative sparkling beverage technology for a healthy lifestyle & a healthy planet. Join us as we continue our journey as an industry leader in eco-forward efforts to continue building a healthier planet!

  • good drinks use good ingredients

    Drinks should be made with the ingredients you want! Our customer's favorite ingredients are as diverse as their personalities, so take control over what goes in your drinks, without sacrificing on taste!

  • good drinks are responsible

    More bubbles, less waste and a healthier planet. We are on a mission to reduce plastic waste and lower the carbon footprint associated with the sparkling beverage industry.

  • good drinks are convenient

    Making bubbles should be simple. That's why Spärkel Carbonators are shipped to you. Hassle-free and quality carbonation that saves you time AND money - a win-win!

  • good drinks are innovative

    Our first mission was to offer a better way to make sparkling drinks. Our next mission is to create positive change with every sparkling drink made, for a healthy lifestyle & a healthy planet.

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  • Spärkel Carbonators use 97% less plastic waste per drink than store-bought bottles, for bubbles you can feel good about.

  • Less production and transport of bottled beverages along with the elimination of 2-way shipping associated with CO2 tanks results in a healthier planet.

  • For every Spärkel Carbonator sold, we collect the same amount of ocean-bound plastic from the environment through our partnership with CleanHub.

save 1000s of bottles from the landfill

together we can make a difference

1 Spärkel Bottle = 1000s of disposable bottles. Spärkel’s durable and reusable bottle will save thousands of single-use plastic bottlesfrom ending up in a landfill each year.

Spärkel Carbonators: the key to quality bubbles

after years of development, Spärkel created the revolutionary system technology and Carbonator recipe needed to make the perfect drink without a CO2 tank.

Spärkel Carbonators are recyclable and reduce waste.

where we are now

Minimal shipping & packaging

Developing the packaging for our Carbonators wasn't an easy task, involving a very strict set of requirements and barriers from varying local regulations. The result is a sachet made of a single polypropylene plastic, carrying the recycling symbol #5. The sachets are made with as little material as possible with each Carbonator (A+B) using less than 1g of recyclable plastic to minimize environmental impact and reduce landfill waste.

where we are going

platic-free carbonation

Spärkel is innovation-driven and on a mission to continue to reimagine the sparkling beverage industry. We are in the process of researching & developing options that would allow our Carbonators to be plastic-free, while keeping the most efficient shipping possible. This marks the beginning of a more radical transformation and new vision as an industry leader in eco-forward efforts to continue building a healthier planet.

Spärkel x CleanHub

certified plastic neutral

As part of our dedication to environmental sustainability, we have partnered with CleanHub for our Carbonator Offset Program. For everyone Sparkel Carbonator sold, we will collect the same amount of ocean-bound plastic from the environment.

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