a new way to spärkel

welcome to the future of at-home soda makers. Spärkel's revolutionary technology and tankless system allows you to sparkle any ingredient with the perfect amount of bubbles.

  • CO2 is created

    The carbonator mixes with water in a sealed chamber to generate the perfect amount of CO2 to sparkle one bottle.

  • it travels into the bottle

    The CO2 travels into the bottle. None of the carbonator ends up in your beverage - only the CO2 it creates.

  • the ingredients are infused

    The liquid absorbs the CO2 and the pressure infuses the ingredients. Your drink is ready when you hear the chimes!

  • the dissolved carbonator is released

    The dissolved Carbonator is release from the chamber into the front drawer for easy sink disposal.

  • what are Spärkel Carbonators?

    Spärkel Carbonators are designed for consistent carbonation, every time. They are made of a special concentration and granulation of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid for hassle-free bubbles that come to you!

ready. set. spärkel.