Spärkel Beverage System

Designed for sparkling beverage fans, Spärkel allows you to easily sparkle and infuse the delicious tastes of real ingredients – into any drink – with no CO2 tank.

System - Pick a Color

Includes 1 Reusable Bottle and 10 Carbonators packs.

Metallic Red
Metallic Blue

Carbonators - Keep Spärkeling

Important: Only Spärkel Carbonators can be used with Spärkel


90-Pack of Carbonators $39.99

Always have bubbles ready! Sold Out


Package of 2 Sparkel Bottles $29.99 / PACK


30 Day Return Policy

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We are working on getting bottles and all colors back in stock soon!

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Tech Specs

Height 14.75" /37cm
Width 5.75" / 15cm
Depth w/handle 12" /30.5cm
Depth w/o handle 10" /2m
Weight 9lb - 4.2kg
Cycle Time 90 sec (Level 1) - 4 min (Level 5)
Electrical 110V / 120V, Standard North American outlet
Carbonator Weight(one) 0.88oz / 25g
Carbonator Size(one) 0.75" x 0.5" x 6" /2c, x 1.25cm x 15cm
Bottle Size 25.4 fl.oz / 750 ml
Dishwasher Safe Bottles Yes



Dishwasher Safe Bottles


Sparkled in 90 Seconds


7 Different Colour Options

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Josephine Rodriguez
Best investment

I drink a lot of sparkling water and I sometimes run out. With this machine I not only never run out but my water is always fresh and filtered and not sitting on the store shelf for who knows how long. Best investment I’ve made.

GeraDessiel Simon
Brilliant 👏 Beverage Blessing Sparking New Year!

Nothing lacking,nothing missing!!
Having it inspires endless refreshment!
No fault found!
Just what one who is out of this world needs to create all new flavors-in many ways!
Thankful to The LORDGOD for answering my worshiprayers to be free enough to create my own!

Brenda Mancinelli
Love it!

So easy to make and the flavor is great. Looking forward to trying some sparkly beverages!

Carron Goodson

Truly enjoying my new Sparkel! Love the amount of carbonation & the ease of use! Doesn’t need CO2 canisters and I can have anything I want in the water, tea or juice I’m carbonating! This can’t be beat!

Mostly fine- Looks beautiful.

I wanted an ethical alternative to SodaStream-and Sparkel does a good job delivering on that. It certainly isn’t as convenient as the one push instant SodaStream system, but I’ve come to enjoy the ritual of immediately preparing another bottle. The carbonation packets are single-use plastic, which is disappointing. Sure, they’re technically recyclable but I’m not confident they’re actually recycled once I put them out to be collected. And, as someone who drinks a gallon of water a day I go through a lot of the packs!
The bottles hold less than 4 cups. It would be great if there were larger bottles available, but I suspect that will require a new Sparkel machine as this one seems perfectly sized for the small bottles. They do, however, keep things nice and carbonated.
Once you get used to keeping the back tank full and the waste tank empty and putting in the carbonator packets (every. single. bottle) it’s pretty intuitive to use. The plastic parts are a bit stiff and I hoping the loosen with use rather than snap off.
The color is amazing. And I love the musical sounds when starting and stopping carbonation.

If Sparkel could find non-plastic packaging for the carbonation and make it possible to carbonate larger quantities at a time this would be a five star system.

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