• Tropical Guava Mojito

    Tropical Guava Mojito

    Ingredients: ½ cup guava juice or nectar ½ oz lime juice coconut water 3 mint leaves 2 oz rum (optional) Sip your way to the beach with this bubbly, mouth-watering recipe. Full of real ingredients like guava, coconut, lime and mint, the Tropical Guava Mojito will transport you straight to a tropical island - no travel required! Directions: Add guava juice/nectar, lime juice, mint and...
  • Cranberry Apple Soda

    Cranberry Apple Soda

    Ingredients: ¾ cup cranberry juice ¾ cup apple juice 1 fresh thyme sprig The sweet fruits in this mixture are balanced by the mint tones of fresh thyme and are all enhanced with light carbonation from your appliance. Directions: Combine cranberry juice, apple juice and thyme sprig in the bottle. Add cold water and fill to the line. Tighten lids and place bottle on...
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